The Wrath of Isis

A mysterious device from the future sends Alister and Allison back to the past, where they appear before the ancient Roman Emperor, Constantine. Mistaking the young couple as the Goddess Isis and the God Osiris, and fearing their wrath, Constantine abandons his plans to promote Christianity as the official state religion of Rome. Upon returning to the present, the intrepid time travelers discover that they have inadvertently altered history.
Desperate to reintroduce Christianity to the world, Alister uses the power of the mysterious device to propel himself to religious stardom. But in this new reality, his sister Amanda, gifted haruspex and a devout follower of the Goddess Isis, views the reinstatement of Christianity as nothing less than the end of her world.
Amanda uses the device in an attempt to thwart Alister’s goals. Will the faith of the Goddess prevail, allowing Amada to save her world?
A thought-provoking alternate history science fiction adventure from Michael Zuniga.