Millennium Women War on Men: Bully Tactics Is Why Their Independence Is Failing Them in Their Relationships and How to Be Empowered

This book is about a paradigm shift that will change and enhance the relationships of both men and independent women forever. This book will unmask the feminist agenda and why they push women to become independent against their own best interests. This book will expose the ugly truth about independent women’s bully tactics and why they are failing in their relationships. This book will reveal the truth about the three sides of negative independence, which is a part of independent women’s identity. Also, this book will clear up the confusion that women have about men and men have about independent women and why they both just don’t get it!

This book will give men strategies and insight of an independent woman’s world. This book will show men how to be empowered and handle themselves in a relationship without getting emasculated by a bullying independent woman. This book will show women how to be (truly empowered) in a relationship. This book will make women look into the mirror and see the truth about themselves as an independent woman. Who is she really?

This book will let you see why independent women start out with “me, myself, and I,” but finish alone with themselves! This book will unveil the secrets of how to bring men and women together for the greater good. This book will reshape the mind-set of the modern-day relationship. This book is a must-read in the new era of relationships because it’s all about “we,” not “me” and much, much more.