Six Isles’ Witches and Dragons Shifter Romance Box Set

They arrested me as a witch. And I’ve one night left to live. 

At least, I thought I did, until the nobleman turned up. He calls himself Meridas, and he thinks my magic will be of use. 

Also, he’s a dragon.

Because why not?

A sky-cursing handsome dragon person, if I’m being honest here.

I don’t like the idea of being used, but it’s not like I have a choice. Not unless I want to survive the next day. It helps that he lives in the floating cities, though.

I always wanted to get out of the slums. Maybe not quite in this manner… but a girl’s gotta take every opportunity presented, right? 

It does help that he’s everything a girl looks for in a man. Kind. Attentive. Strong and determined to save his sister, and save me. Things I’m definitely not used to. 

Things I wouldn’t mind exploring further, if I get the chance…

This Box Set Includes:
The Dragon’s Life Witch
The Dragon’s Air Witch
The Dragon’s Storm Witch
The Dragon’s Ink