Code 4: A Civilian’s Guide to Safe Encounters With the Police

CODE 4 is police jargon for “the situation is under control”, and that is the end result of most interactions with the police. But the Police seriously injure thousands of unarmed people each year? It happens because most of the injured individuals were never taught the rules-of-engagement for safe police encounters.

This book fills that void by teaching the reader how to conduct oneself in a manner that puts the officer at ease. Which creates a mutually respectful environment where both sides win, and everyone goes home alive and well. In addition to learning how to avoid toxic Police encounter, the reader will also learn:

•The top 10 ways to stay safe during police encounters 
•Why you should never consent to a search 
•How to politely refuse a request to search your property 
•How you should behave doing an investigation 
•Your rights and responsibilities in your home 
•Things to do if you are arrested 
•And more

Any person who may experience traffic stops or other police contacts will benefit from reading this book. It is also useful for people of color, and young people who party with rowdy friends. But this book is an absolute must for anyone that spends time in high-crime-rate areas—where policing is usually much more aggressive.