Pleasing Sarah:: Sexy Adult Stories Of Explicit Oral Pleasure( Steamy Romance Novel)

Andrew has a problem in the bedroom, but he will be the last one to admit it. He likes to brush it off like it’s nothing, but it continues to bother him.

His last attempt to please his former girlfriend with oral play left her dissatisfied, thus leaving him feeling embarrassed and with low confidence. But then, he met Sarah…..

Their relationship is growing more passionate and intimate, but Andrew’s previous embarrassments are holding him back from pleasing Sarah like he desires. 

Sarah’s a few years older than Andrew and she has experience in the bedroom… and in more ways than one. She’s confident and knows that she can coax him into oral mastery. 

Will Andrew be able to do it with her help? Can she help him? What will be her reward? And finally, can Andrew please her like his heart desires?

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