Laycrim: The Fall of Spirits

The personal conflict between Parker and his younger sister, Lizz, is partly due to their losing touch with each other at a young age, and partly due to the otherworldly being which has haunted them most of their lives. They get their chance to confront their stalker due to their own untimely deaths. In death they share one burning question, and seeking an answer to this question leads them to uncover plots by ruthless spirits in the afterlife, to obtain supremacy. All is not perfect in this new world. The angels, led by the arch angels, and the demons, led by the chancellors, fight each other in their seemingly endless war. Separately, the siblings team up with other spirits to navigate their way through the cities and the wilderness of the afterlife. As they travel toward their destinies, they learn all is not black and white as they run into demonic spirits who become trusted allies and angelic ones whose corruption and hidden agendas stand in their way.