Fire has always felt different than other children in her family. She knew something did not make sense about her identity. The information she received from her family about who she was did not resonate with her. She remembers times when her family whispered about her, only to quickly change the subject upon discovering her presence. Fire is happy overall, but she feels broken. She feels weak and vulnerable because she does not know who she is. She feels like she is fighting a battle against an invisible enemy. She isn’t sure what is going on, but she knows a problem exists. She feels like she is mourning her true self; the self she cannot access. Fire is in a figurative prison of other people’s thoughts about her. However, she embraces this entrapment because it is evidence that she needs to act immediately. Fire cannot stop seeking the truth. At one point, she finds herself running towards her truth, full speed ahead. Her fast pace in the running correlates with her determination for freedom.
Although she is a teen, she is wise beyond her years. She asks herself questions such as, “Why am I here? What’s in a name? Why am I tripping about my identity? Is something wrong with me? Why do I feel like my parents do not understand me? Why am I so unsettled with my life?” Although she cannot access the answer to these questions at first, she longs for answers to these questions. Fire is so determined to find meaning in her life; she eventually uncovers her truth! At that moment, a heavy burden lifts from her like a 75-pound weight. Her physical posture changes and she even begins standing taller. She becomes proud of who she is and feels alive. She gains new energy and vigor to live and retell her story. Because of all the events occurring while defining herself, she learns something new. She realizes that she is more robust than she had ever imagined. After she goes through the fire, she comes out renewed and refined. This book was written to encourage people to create and unapologetically live in their truth. This process is not simple, but with the help of your higher power, loved ones, and resources if needed, you also can discover your authentic self. Follow Fire today on her exciting journey in finding, living in and maintaining her truth.