Twenty Ways to Create an Awesome Love Story: Create the love life you’ve always dreamed of in less than 30 days (Creating My Love Life)

Twenty Ways to Create an Awesome Love Story

Create the love life you’ve always dreamed of in less than 30 days

Learn how to love your spouse the way they need love!

Experience more happiness!

Most people get worried or annoyed in their relationship partially due to a lack of communication. This relationship book is a relationship book for couples who will benefit by intentionally communicating for a change. You will experience more happiness by harnessing better communication skills because it increases your ability to make your spouse feel heard and understood. When he or she feels understood they are more likely to speak up and feel empowered by doing this creating a feeling of closeness, being real and authentic and giving you that overall feeling of happiness.

Learn how to speak life into your relationship!

Get ready for your relationship and your spouse to reach your highest potential with you speaking beautiful life changing and inspiring phrases into his or her life. Your words have meaning and are powerful so why not use them to lift up your spouse, encourage him or her and enrich both of your lives! Doing this creates an emotionally healthy relationship.

Experience more blissful times together!

Your relationship will be filled with more passion, full of joy, physical and deep emotional intimacy. Read all the awesome stories filled with laughter and forgetting because laughter is the best medicine. You too will also remember your own awesome stories and what brought you two together in the beginning.

About The Author
Marshaun Olaniyan is a certified Life & Relationship Strategist, a speaker, and author. She understands what the average person looking for a meaningful, loving relationship normally goes through, especially when it comes to recognizing what they want, need and desire. Marshaun understands what is holding men and women back from creating their healthy love life and she knows how to steer them back on to the correct path. Marshaun combines all of her data and research and shares simples tips and proven strategies with her clients, so they can stop being an obstacle in their own lives and enjoy a great relationship.

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