How To Start A Hair Extension Business: Start A Hair Extension Business

The hair wigs and extension business is a multi-million dollar industry that’s continuously rising and reaching bigger market worldwide. By 2023, it is estimated to reach more than $10 billion in revenue. From 2017 to 2023, it has a compound annual growth rate of approximately 9%.

In simpler words, the hair extension business clearly has a growing demand and is one of the most profitable ventures in the market today. The interest in high-quality human-hair extensions and synthetic wigs are exponentially increasing not only in the American and European regions, but across the Asia Pacific as well. Consumer’s spending power and per capita income are also contributing to the revenue boost of the industry.

The fact that you are doing your research on this topic means that you may already be aware of these promising facts. You may have heard, read, or watched some success stories that involve selling hair extensions online. And you may have thought that you could also earn a decent income if you do it as a side hustle.
Why not, right? In this book, I will teach you the basic things you need to know in starting your own hair extension business — from setting up your online store, marketing your products, fulfilling orders, and connecting with the right hair wigs and extension suppliers. As with other businesses, it may require a bit of hard work and commitment, but as long as you keep improving and innovating, the potential to earn 5- to 6-digit income yearly is pretty huge.