The Wolf’s Bride

When Leanne’s bridegroom suddenly develops cold feet on the day of their wedding, what else is she to do but turn to a hot stranger for comfort? Discovering that Rex is a shapeshifting wolf does little to dampen her desire for him, his beastly nature as irresistible as it is potentially dangerous. All she ever wanted was normal, so why can’t she get this beast out of her mind?

Things are no less confusing for Rex, who has dedicated the last few years to the protection of shapeshifting beasts. He is a wolf with increasing responsibilities, especially now that humans and shifters are on the verge of an interspecies conflict. He only signed up to get Leanne to her wedding but instead, is faced with an attraction that will bring into question his own commitment to the shapeshifters’ cause.

This steamy wolf shifter romance features a ‘happily ever after’.