There Are No Politics In Heaven: A Recovering Politician’s Guide to Christian Living

If you’ve ever felt lost in your life, with no hope, no options, no direction, and fear so suffocating you couldn’t breathe and wanted to die because it would be easier, then this story is your story. Take a look with me into the mirror of my life, where I faced childhood challenges, rode political highs and lows, achieved external greatness with internal emptiness, confronted the psychological demons within, experienced a religious transformation, and lived to fight another day. Join me on this rollercoaster ride of newfound Christian faith, hope, perseverance, and the ability to change. This is a story about the human condition and our ability to overcome obstacles and find faith bigger than fear, true inner peace and purpose. It is my sincere hope by reading my story you will learn about yourself and be able to rewrite your story. I pray my internal self-reflection of how I experienced my life will allow you the comfort and space to review your life story so you can change direction. It is never too late.