Shyla Bellamy never would have cut through the park that summer night if she’d known it would turn her life upside-down. One minute, she’s enjoying her walk home, and the next, she’s witnessing a murder. More than that, it’s a murder caused by some kind of unexplainable magic. And when the body disappears without a trace, she tries to convince herself that it was all just one bizarre dream. ‘At least things can’t get any stranger,’ she thinks.

And then she finds herself caught in the middle of a brewing war between different factions of magic-users. She becomes the target of the powerful leader of the dark warlocks, who’s certain that she’s more than just a witness to the murder he committed. She’s supposed to be enjoying her summer vacation, but now she’s constantly looking over her shoulder and worrying over not just her own safety, but that of her only remaining family — a neurotic, overworked sister. Fortunately for her, there are the White Witches, righteous and good, and the gargoyles, who are decades-long sentinels and defenders against dark magic. At the request of the gargoyle queen, a young man loyal to his cause — Quinlan — becomes something like a bodyguard to Shyla. A sometimes brooding, occasionally funny, and always good-looking bodyguard. 

But as the magic that touched Shyla that fateful night starts to consume her, the gargoyles and the White Witches can only do so much to protect her.

Stoneheart is the first book in The Gargoyles of Craven trilogy, a young adult series for those who love paranormal and urban fantasy books. At 98,000 words, this is a full, standalone story.

Stoneheart is currently available on Kindle Unlimited, and for a short time, it’s on sale and can be bought for $0.99 (normal price: $3.99)