Ordinary World: vampire cursed soulmate destiny

Daphne Gentry is an up-and-coming history professor with a passion for defending the underdog. When she hosts a lecture on historical inaccuracies, she could not believe the blond beefcake at the back of the auditorium that was arguing with her – nor his admission that a single vampire had been Jack the Ripper.

Cursed by his past, Connall Cael had lived a solitary life for fear of destroying those he loved around him again. When he awoke to discover that he was the famed killer, it took him centuries to find a way to cope with the guilt of the victim’s deaths. This dark-haired seductress in prim clothing was giving him hope and opening the door to accepting who he was: a vampire.

Tempted by the possibility of a future, their instant chemistry knew no bounds. When Daphne sees Conn for the lonely man he is and discovers his vulnerable secret, can she accept who he is and the danger it could bring her? Or will his insatiable desires and bloodlust destroy their chance at happiness before it ever begins?