Intermittent Fasting: Learn How to Burn Fat, Lose Weight, and Gain a Slender Body (ketogenic diet, live healthy, hormonal balance, easy diet, age slower,)

Intermittent fasting may seem like some new trend or some fad diet that people are getting onto as the newest way to lose weight but it’s not. Intermittent fasting is as old as mankind itself and its benefits go way beyond weight loss. 
Before humans became civilized, our ancestors, the hunter-gatherers practiced intermittent fasting. Well, there wasn’t so much food to go around at the time and there were no refrigerators, no fast food joints, and no processed foods- they had to trek for miles to gather the foods that they ate and feasting time was scheduled for evenings after the day’s hunter-gathering activities. 
In the not too distant past as well, the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Indians practiced intermittent fasting. This time, it was used as a cure and prevention for certain diseases. The ancient Greeks used fasting to treat seizures, stomach disorders and several other diseases. 
So, intermittent fasting is not a new concept to humans, it’s a very helpful, healthy practice that we abandoned and only started getting back to after we realized that our current way of eating was doing more harm than good to our bodies. The truth is, the human body is not designed to eat the way we currently eat. 
You’ll learn why this is so in this book and you’ll also learn about all of the diseases that you can prevent and treat with intermittent fasting. 
You’ll also learn:
•The different intermittent fasting methods and how to choose the best one for you
•How to lose weight with intermittent fasting
•How to incorporate intermittent fasting in your life
There’s also meal plans for the different intermittent fasting methods so that it’s easier for you to get started and achieve your goals.