I Saw God Last Night: Whoever Said He’s Dead, Flat Out Lied!

Strap on your seat belt and get ready for a supernatural ride! Prepare to be captured on an enticing journey along one person’s true life story of multiple face-to-face encounters with the supernatural realm, including God, angels, visions and more. In I Saw God Last Night, experience the sting of disappointment when a testimony is shared and rejected by the people we think are believers, and the joy of being received by those we never suspect. Millions of people around the world, along with spiritual leaders, have been misled that God is dead or that divine, supernatural encounters are nothing other than nonsense and lies. Many of which discourage those who believe in them or often won’t believe unless it happens to them also. More times than not, experience stomps philosophy. As you absorb the pages of this book, you will learn: -The spiritual dangers of bringing particular items into your home -The power that comes with spoken words -Why religion won’t get you into Heaven -Why it is crucial for you to know the voice of God for yourself You will also scope out how you too, may also walk into the same supernatural realm, if not higher!