The Screen Saver

This book is mainly to share my experience—to try and understand my life and the forces that have shaped me—but mostly to let the reader know that if your relationship isn’t right, you can’t fix it if both parties are not willing to continue the journey. My hope is that women will gain self-worth and clarity in their relationships.
My journey started from meeting a man with a beautiful heart. We hailed from two very different family backgrounds; we were raised very differently. However, he eventually won my heart through my six-year-old daughter. He also won the hearts of my mother and siblings in London, England.
After thirteen years of marriage, the true man I married emerged.
“Was this marriage and lovely home we lived in worth me living a miserable life?” I then realized that a “screen saver” created a blurry vision in many instances. There were signs of mistrust between my ex and his friends and business partners. I ignored all the signs.
Let’s take a moment to think about the meaning of the words we recite in our wedding vows. What a commitment we make in that moment before God and witnesses! The vows become empty words of tradition when you marry a con man like I did.
Being Yourself Takes Guts