Renegade Pawn

Lucas Rocha didn’t know he’d be a reluctant hero.

Lucas Rocha never meant to become a drug dealer. But when he picks the wallet of vacationing DEA Agent Daniel Burke, Lucas becomes a pawn in the battle between Rio’s drug cartel and lawmakers’ attempts to bring them to justice. 

The lives of these two strangers quickly become permanently—and dangerously—intertwined when Lucas is asked to infiltrate the cartel and navigate the deathly politics of its powerful drug lords. Hell-bent on beating the odds and escaping alive, Lucas not only survives but begins to rise in the cartel’s ranks. 

Life on the inside is dangerous, but the tradeoff is that he can gain power, protection and money. The temptation is great for one who comes from so little and also has two little sisters he must protect as they have no one else but him.

Nor does Lucas know that his many years as a street kid will now offer him the perfect path to power.

Renegade Pawn is Book #1 in the Lucas Rocha Thriller series. Someday Lucas Rocha will find independence as well, but not without a battle! A new book will launch every month through the end of 2018. If you love a page-turning action-adventure novel with mystery, humor, and plenty of romance, pick up Renegade Pawn today!