Blacklisted In America: An American Man Who Believe’s Colors Have Made Men Happy, Sad, and Wrong. What A Pity! Civil. While We Struggle for our Civil Rights & Liberties with Hopes & Desires.

So, is Jon Early’s Biography the truth, the whole truth or perhaps some version of the truth? For me the author “Violette Early” I know as an eyewitness with all certainty that Jon Early’s biography is, in fact, the whole truth. This is my main reason & purpose for writing our story no one has every detail and authority as an eyewitness and that’s me. While writing, researching, reading, and re-editing our story for me it has served as self-help and I have come to terms with what was done to us. So, that is when the decision was final to write our story knowing this could self-help others that found themselves in similar situations. No one deserves to live a life of uncertainty? There was never a doubt with the Top Brass they had the right man for their job but hadn’t a clue how to manage this young man? So, I decided people deserve to know the facts and in turn, may self-help themselves as well as others. I would like to read you this review written on April 10, 2018 by Owomi Oduburu and brothers who are artists, writer-performer & singers from Nigeria, West Africa after much research on John Early this is what they wrote “Undoubtedly, the didactic works of John Early should be compared with that of notable writers like Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. For his impeccably highly educative analytical works of arts. “Blacklisted in America by Violette Early” is dedicated to her noble husband John Early who has contributed immensely in the entertainment industry before his demise in 2005″. Mr. Belafonte noted “A deeply moving memoir with its share of humor, determination, and a leader of vividly colorful figures. A color person’s Elegy has defeated his downfall the story of a patriotic young American his disappointment, of becoming disillusioned with despair from their lies and deception. After all, when they had no more use for him their plans where to shoot him in the back and call it ‘an attempt to escape’. Though; Jon was very young and ignorant in the ways of US Military, when his family all very influential needed-to-step-up and save Jon from the unknown instead he was fed to the wolves. Author: Violette lives in Palm Desert, California with their jolly, swinging, and responsible daughter Sula, Violette tolerates and lives with her neighbor’s ear up against her bedroom wall. And as she claims her ugly and empty bank account.