HEALTHY BREAKFAST COOKBOOK: 30 quick and nutritious recipes for every day (Meals for more health, fitness und concentration)

Are you a breakfast hater?

Me, too! For years I was also one, both at school and in the following studies. But that’s not really healthy, you’ll agree with me.

First of all, in the morning, the body needs a good deal of energy to power up and stay awake for the day ahead and its challenges. It has been scientifically proven that the likelihood of hunger attacks is much higher in people who go out of the house without a meal. This also begets a lack of concentration and inattention during the morning. At the same time, our brains as well as our bodies are in demand especially in the morning hours when high performance is required in the morning and at work. Furthermore, it has been proven that abstinence from breakfast causes the metabolism to be slower. This, in turn, causes weight gain, much like hunger attacks.

However, if you do not feel hungry in the morning or simply said, you will not be able to get anything down, then you can prepare some meals in the evening befor for the day ahead and take it to work. Again, many of the recipes inside this book are suitable.

The most important thing is the breakfast for schoolchildren. Because when they have eaten, they are much more receptive, attentive, and more efficient. Here, too, the children who do breakfast are scientifically proven to perform better than children who did not eat before the first lesson.

Advantages of breakfast:


    • boosted metabolism


    • increased health


    • stimulated brain cells


    • increased concentration


    • increased attention


This book shows you why it pays to get up earlier and take at least 15 minutes for a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

30 very tasty and above all fast recipes help you to overcome your inner breakfast hater and to pay more attention to your health.

PS: I have a surprise for you at the end of the book! 😉