The Definition

When You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going. – Sir Winston ChurchillThere are moments in life when you feel like everything is wrong. Moments that you desperately need inspiration – the same way you need oxygen in order to survive.This motivational book is your inspiration.Do You Know The Definition Of Inspiration?
    His name is Gabriel Smith Sr. and he has gone through hell in order to help you find your own personal heaven. Overcoming physical abuse, molestation and street violence, Gabriel re-defined himself and found a unique way to become a role model.Dealing with a mother who did not want him, a gangster father in prison, selling drugs, facing prison time, dysfunctional marriages and constant abuse, Gabriel turned everything into personal success, a career as a motivational speaker and he became an inspiration to thousands.His former chaotic life will act as an example to help you understand that you already have everything you need in order to survive.No, this is not about your wealth, your fancy car, your huge apartment. It’s about positive thinking.Why Choose The Definition?Because you are sick and tired of so-called “self-help books” that only tell you WHY you need to show inner strength.
    Gabriel’s self-improvement book will show you HOW he freed himself from the chains on chaos and how YOU can do it too.What’s In It For You?* FIND inspiration by reading Gabriel’s story* LEARN how to overcome your own obstacles* HARNESS your inner strength* BECOME a better version of yourself* SUCCEED in your lifeDo You Know Someone Who Needs Inspiration?Surprise them with The Definition and offer them a way out of their life’s chaos.
    Remind Yourself, Nobody’s Built Like You. You Design Yourself. – Jay-ZInstead of staring into the abyss, you can follow Gabriel’s torch to illuminate your way out of life’s labyrinth.Click “Add To Cart” NOW & Embark On Your Journey To Understand The Definition.