An Amish Stray: An Anthology of Amish Romance

An Amish Stray
Anna has been lonely ever since her husband was taken from her in a tragic accident. She longs for a new relationship but no man in her town seems to want to court the young widow even though she is quite lovely. She prays for man to enter her life and one night she hears a pounding on her front door. Opening up, as if dropped from Gott himself, is a wounded man. He falls unconscious upon seeing her and she drags his muscled body inside. He was he? And why did he have a gun in his pocket?
An Ordinary Amish Town
Leah is an Amish young woman who pines for another Enos but he pays her no mind. She is being courted by the overweight Luke but she ignores him in the same way the handsome Enos is ignoring her. As time goes by, however, Leah begins to see a certain attractiveness in the attentive Luke.