Spying on the Billionaire

A brand new release is here! ❤ An adventure that whisks Galina around the world. Love, loss, and a sweet ending that will set your heart on fire.

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Galina Dombrosky always strived to make herself feel like an average American. Her family had immigrated from Russia, becoming citizens and learning the language in order to fit in to their new lives. Growing up, their home sounded like something exotic from across the globe, but in her heart – she was as patriotic as apple pie.

Galina becomes a CIA agent specializing in security in order to defend the land that she loves. But when an unexpected assignment drops her in St. Petersburg, Russia- she is overwhelmed by the variety of thoughts and feelings flowing through her. Her Russian heritage is welcomed and recognized, beauty surrounds her-creating a longing for a land she doesn’t recognize or know – as well as an overwhelming attraction to the man she has been sent to spy upon.

Nikodim ‘Nik’ Petrov is the most normal billionaire that she’s ever met (not that she has met many!) and so down to earth. He is caring, friendly, and devastatingly handsome – which makes her wonder if the CIA has the correct man after all? Galina had been tasked to track down a hacker accused of infiltrating their computer systems, using any means necessary to discover what he’d stolen from the government.

When secrets are shared, danger is in the air and lives are suddenly torn apart – can their love overcome the distance between them? Can she return to America once her heart is lost– and will Mother Russia ever let Nik go?

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