Abused, Overused and Meaningless: True stories of Mental Illness of Abusers & the Traumatized, and the Relationship between those Disorders and Opiate Abuse, Accidental Overdose and Suicide

In Abused, Overused and Meaningless, Kathleen Kush and Chery Jimenez tell true stories taken from their lives and drawn from surveys and interviews with others concerning depression and suicide caused by mental or physical abuse. Some information has been gathered from various print publications, social media posts or other online sources and television media regarding historical and biographical stories. The authors also draw from their personal experiences. Both authors have attempted suicide at least once in their lives. They feel that there are many people who are depressed and afraid to relate their stories because of embarrassment or fear of repercussions. Instead, these people suffer in silence from issues such as depression, PTSD and DID. The authors hope that this book will let those who are suffering know that they are not alone. Their fear can be overcome with nurturing and therapy.