Hope over Anxiety Workbook: How to smash crippling anxiety and live the life you will love!

Are you struggling? Is fear a constant friend stopping you from doing the things you want? Do you want to break free of anxiety but don’t know where to start? Are you sick with worry not knowing when the next panic attack is going to hit? Are you fed up with life and feel there must be more to life than this?


Hope over Anxiety workbook is a simple and actionable book to coach you on your way out of anxiety.

It will change your life!


My name is Christopher Moss. I have three books that have become bestsellers, and I have struggled with anxiety for over 30 years. I have been in the position you are now. Feeling hopeless, lost, each day is a struggle to keep going. Struggling to leave the home and the fear and constant worry of another humiliating panic attack jumping out on you from nowhere. The feeling of being powerless.


I have helped thousands of people realise there is a life beyond anxiety. I want to give you HOPE from your anxiety.


How would it feel to be empowered? Know what your triggers are? Have a daily routine that keeps you in power of your life? Reduces or even gets rid of panic attacks?

How would that feel to you?


To feel hope again. To feel free again?


Hope over Anxiety workbook will teach you:


  • How to get calm.

  • What being free of anxiety feels like.

  • How to be happy.

  • To build fearless confidence!

  • To take life on on YOUR terms!

  • To have habits each day to take control back from your anxiety.

  • To feel you can beat anxiety.

  • To feel the most hopeful for your future you have ever felt!