The Marriage Devotional: Lessons from the garden of Eden

The marriage devotional is guaranteed to add value to your relationship. Whether you are married or dating this devotional is different in many ways. It examines the first marriage between Adam and Eve and assesses their downfalls and their strengths and Gods divine instructions for their journey. Topics such as “Prophesying over your partner” , “Speak Life” and” Boundaries” are just a few topics that the writer looks at in depth. It looks on how powerful it can be if we practice speaking over our relationships and speaking things into being, and examines the fact that this union between man and woman is meant to bring each individual into new dimensions and different levels. It is a book for the ages, and it is highly expected to change the lives of individuals. As divorce rates rises to 50% in the USA, this book is meant to encourage individuals to take a closer look at the blueprint of the first marriage and see Gods design for theirs, therefore making their marriage the best it can be.