Sarah, Returned

An epic time travel saga and genealogy mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat, and leave you wanting more.

Sometimes, people travel in time. What happens when they return?

Family secrets can affect people in more than one century, sometimes twice. Twenty-year-old Sarah Morgan just wants to get through her beloved grandmother’s celebration of life without having a run-in with her cousin Matt’s bitchy, gold-digging fiancee. Instead, she gets a great-uncle she never knew existed, a box of photos that cannot possibly exist, and credible evidence that her presumed dead father may still be alive. That’s quite a full day for anyone.

Add the revelation her grandmother was living an unbelievably elaborate double life, and top it off with an unexpected trip to more than three centuries in the past, and any girl would need an aspirin. 

In spite of it all, Sarah builds a pretty good life for herself in colonial Dover, New Hampshire. However, when she is unceremoniously pulled back to the present, all the mysteries she thought she’d left behind forever are still there, waiting for her to solve. There are a couple of new ones, too. Who tried to kill her the night she disappeared? And, most importantly, what was her grandmother trying so hard to hide?

The answers will change Sarah’s life forever, and alter her family in ways she can’t imagine in the past, present, and future.