Get Rich On a Salary: A comprehensive guide to build wealth while surviving on a fixed income

There are hundreds of (probably thousands) of books out there suggesting various strategies to get rich, and probably quickly. Most of these books suggest various options like starting a business. However, this book takes a completely different angle of building wealth while working for somebody or having a full time job.

Unless you are a “god gifted” individual who can excel as a rare sports prodigy or an A list Hollywood celebrity, or one of the rare fortunate to win a multi-million dollars’ super lotto or Power ball, chances are the only legitimate and legal way to be truly wealthy materially is through starting your own business and building it and growing it.

However, business is not everyone’s type. Building business is lot harder than finding a job that fits your skills, education and experience. However, you can still build major financial wealth for yourself by working for someone else. This guide provides an in-depth analysis and resources for how to build financial wealth on fixed income.

Few word of caution here, this is book is not a guarantee of some sort nor it claims to be the only way to get financially rich on fixed income. There are no guarantees for financial success in life. This book is certainly not a get rich quick program either. 
This book rather attempts to offer wisdom and offer smart strategies for salaried / fixed income professionals to build and grow their hard earn money into sustainable and lasting path to financial freedom.