Four Seasons of Ecstasy

Wynter’s one of Atlanta’s attorneys. She’s self-made, strikingly beautiful, and self-sufficient. She feels a man’s only place is in her bed; she doesn’t need one by her side. In her world, they’re best rotated and replaced.

Spree’s self-esteem takes a plunge after her fertility issues and ultimately, her divorce from a top Atlanta music mogul. The dating scene is not really proving to be what she had hoped, and she’s feeling sexually deprived and in need of a good time.

Summer left New York in a rush, leaving behind her title as madam of an exclusive call-girl operation named Summer’s Heat. In her haste to leave her troubles, she also left the love of her life, Dre, with no intentions of looking back.

Fallon is one of Atlanta’s most successful entrepreneurs. She thinks she’s met Mr. Right in the form of radio host Keith Davis, but when he shows his true colors, Fallon loses faith in men.
People come into your life for a reason or a season, but the bond these four women have will last a lifetime.