The Secret Letters of President Donald J. Trump, Age 72 1/6 (Wiseguy Satire Series)

In this instant classic from Wiseguy Satire Series are decoded letters that Trump wrote to figures as varied as Barack Obama, Kim Jong-un, Oprah Winfrey, Fred Trump, Rex Tillerson, Stormy Daniels, Pope Francis, Martin Luther King Jr., God, Michael Cohen, Hillary Clinton, Allah, Ivanka Trump, Nelson Mandela, Emmanuel Macron, Kanye West, Jeff Sessions, Omarosa, Paul Manafort, John McCain, Rosanne Barr, Prince Harry, LeBron James, Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin and many others. These encrypted riotously comic letters were anonymously leaked to a New York-based journalist. The letters run across a spectrum of extremities, but they are authentic Trump, unfiltered, unplugged and full of revelations. They are unsparing in their honesty and insight about a president who has disrupted the hell out of Washington, DC and the whole wide world. These 38 Trump’s letters are brazen, brash and wickedly funny, in every sense of the expression. Even when they are deadly serious, like Trump’s letter to a kid separated from parents at the US border, they are steeped in ironies.You have watched President Donald Trump speak. You have read his tweets. Now imagine what his secret letters to selected individuals on his sharp radar would be like. Knowing Trump, they could be nothing but masterpieces.