Alaric: The sex maniac: My bending knees still hurts

Alaric was experience in the art of lovemaking, and an amazing teacher of his craft. He could make a woman speak in unknown tongues, you would think it was the day of Pentecost. Women would experience high point three times during their sexual encounter with him. It seem he was the author and artist of the sexual spot for women; since he was capable of finding it in any of the women he had been with. His taste was always left to linger in the minds of the willing participants. Any woman that had been with him once, always desired more, they could never get enough of him, since he was that brilliant and excellent in the path he had chosen. He normally rides in style, and his condoms always rode along with him.
He was in a class all by himself, women’s feet would buckle beneath them, as they collapse from sexual spasm of his eccentric caresses. Just the foreplay alone would have them reeling from the tremor of his sexual earthquake, and they would also burn with the lava of his volcanic eruption of ecstasy. All this he could make happen; before he even fired any bullet from his erected twelve inches weapon of mass destruction.