Think Outside the Bottle: The Product Entrepreneur’s Playbook

In Think Outside the Bottle: The Product Entrepreneur’s Playbook, self-made multimillionaire Duane Thompson draws product entrepreneurs a blueprint for business success. This fast-paced, engaging how-to guide shows how he built his business up from a pot of salsa he created in his college dorm room to a seven-figure-grossing company with products sold on the East Coast and beyond—and how you can take your product from concept to reality too. The Playbook pushes and prods you to brainstorm ideas that will help you create the best product possible. It provides plenty of practical advice on how to develop your brand, select the right manufacturer, and get free media coverage. It also takes you through fourteen steps to develop your product—and that’s just for starters. If you’re serious about taking your business dream to the next level of success, the Playbook is for you!