Loving The Billionaire

Zara’s is recently separated from her husband and has been depressed. While separated Zara gets an opportunity to take a cruise to clear her mind and rediscover herself. Fate decides to throw a few curve balls at Zara while she is on her journey and she meets a billionaire name Gethin. She keeps her distance but is quickly drawn to the danger in his eyes. They start their own adventure together in the Mediterranean and they soon give into the passions of their desires. Follow Zara’s journey as she decides if she wants to follow her head or her heart.

Sample Of What’s Inside!

Moving in sync, my face tilted down, while his tipped upward and once again our tongues engaged in a frenzied battle. Pinned between the door and him, I clawed at the only parts of his shirt I could reach, as if trying to rip it from him. I’m not sure if that’s what I actually had in mind or if my hands were growing as restless as the rest of me.

But with another flurry of strong, masculine power, he turned. His arms keeping me captive, he took smooth purposeful strides. I was vaguely aware that the cool glass was no longer at my back and that we were moving, but my brain was far too busy on other things to focus on the whys and where’s.

It was only when I was sharply deposited on the leather couch and his weight was suddenly bearing down on me, that I realized where we’d gone.

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