Her Last Love Affair

Allie Mclaren is a workaholic who resists having fun during her off time. That is until she gets the worst news of her life. Determined to change, Allie decides to dig up her past and make the most of it. Follow Allie’s incredible journey to make up for lost time, as she partakes in the love affairs she never let herself have. Each incredible rendezvous could be her last love affair. 

Sample Of What’s Inside!
He said nothing, but his smile was briefly interrupted by a twitch of his lips, only to be replaced by a broader grin.
Satisfied, Allie quickly slipped her foot back and easily slid the four inch heel from it. “In fact,” she told him huskily, reaching forwards once more and rubbing the inside of his knee with her stockinged toes. “That’s why I got in touch.”
“Really?” he asked, humor quickly drifting from his face as Allie’s foot moved ever higher.
She was glad to find his legs widely parted and did not hesitate in following his right leg all the way up the thigh. “Yes,” she whispered, as her toes met the warmth of his crotch and she felt the unmistakable jerk of interest. 
“And…err,” he croaked, before clearing his throat. “What do you think we ought to do about that?” The question was asked with a hint of desperation and Allie knew there could be no way to misinterpret the dilation of his eyes or the swelling at his groin. She had him now. The work was done and, Rosalind was right, it hadn’t been difficult at all.

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