Finding God In Abandoned Places: Collection of Inspirational Short Stories

Finding God in Abandoned Places is a collection of Christian short stories, 
largely inspired by a desire to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, 
anytime and anywhere in our modern world. Each story is a reflective, 
thought-provoking piece on how God speaks to us daily through his word,
and how to build upon that for richer spiritual insights 

This engrossing anthology of stories includes:
The Abandoned Game Show Set
The Abandoned Prison
The Abandoned Bookstore
The Abandoned Funeral Home
The Abandoned Escape Room
The Abandoned Cabin

and many more…

Written in an eloquent, engaging and relatable style, Finding God in Abandoned Places
is a comforting lighthouse amidst wrecking waves, and one spirit-filled book 
you won’t be putting down any time soon.