67 Lateral Thinking Puzzles And The King Of Riddles: The 2 Books Compilation Set Of Games And Riddles To Build Brain Cells

Can you solve this?


Every day after working on the 11th floor all day, a man takes the elevator to the first floor. However, on the way to work each morning, he takes the elevator up to the 8th floor and then uses the stairs to arrive at the 11th floor, no matter what, unless his colleagues are on the elevator with him or it’s raining outside.

Explain why he does this.

A window cleaner is working on the 34th floor of a massive skyscraper. While cleaning the windows, he accidentally falls. In this instance, he is wearing absolutely no safety equipment. He does not have a harness and has nothing to slow or soften his fall. However, despite this, he sustains no injuries whatsoever.


How did he manage not to get injured from this terrible fall?


This book consists of:

  1. 67 Lateral Thinking Puzzles     Games And Riddles To Kill Time And Build Brain Cells
  2. The King Of Riddles   The Massive Conundrum Book For Teens And Adults

Learn to open your mind and think outside the box with these mind-blowing puzzles crafted to enhance your lateral thinking. Unlike the traditional puzzle or riddle, author Karen J. Bun designed these lateral thinking puzzles to help unlock your natural abilities to produce great results so you can provide solutions to all kinds of real-life situations effortlessly.


These puzzles will not just provide exceptional fun, they are created to boost your mental speed and enhance your ability to use your imagination to piece clues together no matter how difficult they appear.