STOCK MARKET INVESTING : How to start investing in the Philippine Stock Market

What is Stock Market
Most people who want to achieve financial independence in the future doesn’t only depend on their businesses of savings. A lot of them choose to have an investment, and the Stock Market is the ideal investment for all. 
Stock market is one of the most popular and well-trusted system when it comes to investment. This is where companies publicly traded their shares into the market to be accessible by future shareholders. If you are watching TV, particularly news or reading sort of newspapers you’ve probably heard about the stock market. The latest news about it keeps stocks investors updated about the latest standing of every stocks in the market including their price. Each company has plenty of shares to sell, here in the Philippines, some of the most well-known companies are involved in the stock market. Just like the SM Prime Holdings Inc., Ayala Land Inc. and Corporation, Banco De Bank of the Philippine Islands, as well as Jollibee Foods. Some stocks can rise or fall from its market value, for example; the company X made their stock’s value higher this month from P100 to P200 per share so the people who bought a single share from this company earn P100 from a total investment of the same amount, while the company Y receives its downfall from P400 to P350 per share and the stock holders from this company lost P50.00 on every single share they have. 
The stock market allows people to invest their money on both short term and long term investment. You don’t need to be a business man or even a rich person to be one of the shareholders of several prestigious companies in the Philippines. All you need is the will and of course a little capital, where you can begin with. Maybe you are now thinking how you can get or buy shares from the companies in the stock market – it’s easier than what you think.