Self-Making Studio: An Inspirational Doodle Kit for Self-Discovery and Employability

Self-Making Studio is the very first and only visual toolkit in the world that bridges creative thinking, doodling, and self-exploration to develop employability and career skills. In this book, Dr. Fahri Karakas is building on his 15-year teaching experience across topics of self-making, creativity, design thinking, employability, and personal development. This is the first time Karakas shares pages from his famous diaries full of doodles, sketches, and exercises with the world. You are invited to a fun journey of learning, discovery, reflection, and inspiration. The goal? To develop employable and creative skills. The book is the perfect gift for university students and young people – or for anyone interested in fresh and visual methods for career development and life design. It is also the perfect travel companion – bring along your pencil, but also your mind and heart. Get yourself prepared for the job market or a new career path Increase your confidence by exploring and building on your strengths Find out what brings out your excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm Experiment with a diverse set of reflective, creative, and visual exercises to increase your professional skills, productivity, and happiness Learn the tools to design your life and career Imagine playful and fresh possibilities that will enlighten and inspire you Engage in a journey of self-exploration and unleash your best self Discover a unique methodology to increase your learning and creativity