Black Rose: Death Garden Series

Black Rose from the “Death Garden Series” is a unique journey into the depths of hell and back, where love reigns and wars rage… 

Rebecca Allen Troy had a simple life until someone in the realm of Hades decided that they were going to change that. Now she has to deal with a few grumpy gods and a one stunning Apollo. Newly dead Becca must learn to navigate the underworld and steer clear from the high stakes competition that goes on every day in the underworlds arena. As if that wasn’t enough, Apollo seems to have no shame in denying his attraction to her, with the cost to his affection being her heart. 
However, as the competition for the Olympian demigods to become one of the famed Immortals gets closer to its final round, Becca will have to face old friends and foes in a battle that may very well lead to her demise.