Learn Basic, Proven and Results Oriented Sales Skills, Methods and Techniques to Get Clients Consistently with … Prior Sales Background and Increase Revenue

Whether you are an aspiring sales professional, a business owner or simply 
want to increase your familiarity with everything sales-related, 
this is the right book for you!

Expertly written to cater to those who have little-to-no experience selling,
you will instantly feel your confidence and knowledge of the sales
process grow with every page you turn!

“The most practical easy-to-follow sales guide 
for even the most novice sellers”

If you are looking to learn the powerful techniques that can turn
you into a top salesperson no matter how little experience you have, 
then this is the book for you!

Start to finish, this book will guide you through the entire sales process. 
From preparing your sales plan to closing the deal, each chapter offers valuable
insights that will boost revenues across any industry!

Table of Contents 


2.Your Business Value Proposition

3. Your Marketing Offer

4.Your Marketing and Sales Master Plan

5.Basic Marketing and Selling Techniques

6.The “Seven Key Steps” to Close Every Deal

7.Preparation Before Sales Calls

8.Business Presentation Skills

9.Handling Objections

10.Closing the Sale

11.Using Contact Management Software to Increase 
Your Productivity

12.Customer Referrals

13.Your Customer Base

14.Time Management

15.Setting Goals


17.Small Business Resources