A Fly On The Cart Wheel

Do you feel stressed, always running behind umpteen priorities, frustrated that things are not under control? Could it be that the root cause of this frustration is nothing but a distorted view of reality?
We all spend a lot of time resisting and pushing back, refusing to accept the current moment of reality. We believe that we have made free choices to reach the current moment and things could have been otherwise, but is that really true?
Could we be like a fly on the side of a cart wheel, moving up and down, experiencing happiness and sadness, imagining itself as the cause of the movements, while the cart trundles along with a much larger purpose of its own?

An unexpected dream sparks a feverish search within Amit, a corporate executive, as he meanders through some real-life situations and finally leads to some mind-blowing answers which change him forever.
A Fly on the Cart Wheel is a debut philosophical novel that will push you to question most of your fundamental assumptions about reality, and may even trigger a paradigm shift in your perspective on life.