Facing the Dragon: A Motivational Story

“Carlos Kano’s motivational fable offers us something different. This self-help book that’s as fun and exciting as it is transformative.” – Stardust Press Review

What did you want to be when you were a teenager? 

Did you want to change the world?

When we’re young, we’re told that anything is possible. But as we get older, society sends us a different message. Achieving our dreams is too hard, we’re told. We are told to settle for the ordinary.

Too often, our sense of purpose becomes divorced from our daily lives. We have spent too long listening to how society defines us. But that sense of purpose that we knew as children still lives inside all of us.

This book is for those who want a purpose-driven life. Whether your purpose is to experience all life has to offer, or to be the best, parent, artist, scientist, stock broker, or athlete – all of those require a few common elements. In this book, you’ll follow a purpose-driven boy as he learns these fundamentals.

I invite you to take a journey of the heart with me. I invite you into a world just like ours, but different in one way. In this world, a person’s life purpose is something they can see.

May the story of Jonah finding his life purpose be of service to you in realizing yours.