Christina 14: Two Points of View of Kidnapping Murder and Torture (Jake Book 1)

Pete Underwood was born normal, but fell into abnormality. As a product of parental neglect, sexual abuse and a broken heart, Pete is finally pushed into a psychological breakdown. Sexually abused from childhood and forced into a BDSM lifestyle in his adolescence, Pete finally escapes his latest captivity in the porn industry by capitalizing on the only option left for him; murder. Now on the run from the authorities, he happens along an old timer truck driver who feels an odd connection to him. The two become friends driving the long roads back and forth across the US until Pete finds his mentor and friend dead in the bunk.
Decades of isolation can’t stop love from finding even Pete. Together he and Lois start their life with neither one questioning either one’s past. Together they look forward to satisfying their desires in life by escaping their loneliness. It’s not long before Lois starts placing demands on him, that he can no longer deal with, for children, and she too disappears into the unknown like all those he cared about. Suspicions arise in the small town as to the whereabouts of Lois and now Pete comes under the watchful eye of the town’s only detective, John Tyler. 
A story of murder, torture and lost love; Pete is determined to find the love he once possessed with Lois, even if it means discarding those who fail his test of loyalty. Truck-stops become a favorite hunting ground while rest stops are his perfect dumping grounds.
Sitting in a rest area, broken hearted and sobbing, Pete agonizes that his life is surrounded by nothing but death. In his state of paralyzing horror, Pete encounters a new friend who calls himself Jake. Jake promises to help him find the perfect replacement for Lois and then introduces a test for any candidate. Bodies start showing up in five states along Interstate 81, as those who fail to prove their loyalty are discarded like broken toys. A crack FBI team is brought in to stop the killings, but continues to remain one step behind the Interstate 81 killer. When Pete and Jake kidnap one of their agents, a new cat and mouse game begins for the head of the task force assigned to stop the killing spree. While the newspapers are applying pressure by asking if anyone can stop the mad man, the head of the FBI task group, Roy Slater, is willing to do anything to get his young agent back alive. Can he save his agent, Sarah and Pete’s 14th victim, Christina? With two lives and his unblemished career on the line, will Roy and his team reach them before they become Pete’s latest victims?