The Wars Within

Jax Guerra is a retired combat veteran who struggles with becoming a civilian after serving for twelve years in the Marine Corps. After the horrors he faced in his service and the traumas he experienced, he is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Jax lives it every day, fighting not to spiral down under the weight of it. Despite his fight, he finds himself neck deep in his PTSD. Day to day activities are a struggle for him, and he finds himself jumping at sounds as innocent as the dropping of a spoon. 

With the help of his best friends, Jax finds himself in a Mental Health Unit, finally receiving the help he needs alongside the support of his loving friends and family. Through this, he finds he is facing more than just combat-related issues but also issues from his childhood where he was physically and sexually abused. But he knew by coming to this point, he was taking a step in the right direction. 

The Wars Within discusses many topics not often spoken of but faced by people every day. Jax’s story will pull you in to the world of those soldiers who suffers from PTSD, of a man who suffered from abuse as child. Discover what he faced, both during combat and after, as he again became a civilian. Experience his struggle with his PTSD and his interactions with those around him. His story is poignant and engaging, with truth woven into every word.