THE UNDOING: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel

The Undoing is a new science fiction dystopian novel suitable for ages 12 and up. 

Twenty years after The Reckoning comes The Undoing…

The Reckoning destroyed the United States, and in its wake, a new country was formed. Those who remember the time before The Reckoning have tucked the memories away. For Rebecca and her friends, Anecor’s rigid structure is all they have ever known. But there are signs that this structure is beginning to crack.

First comes the undoing of a city
In the summer before Rebecca’s first year of high school, a strange deadly virus arrives in Montrose. With no apparent cure and no answers from Council, citizens watch helplessly as friends and family members die, wondering if they will be next.

Next, the undoing of a lie
When the virus strikes her brother, Rebecca faces a challenge far beyond her experience. It is now up to her to solve the mystery of the virus and save her city. In the process, she will uncover a sinister plot.

Will it now be the undoing of a world?
Rebecca must take on the forces that threaten the very existence of her world and those she loves, but in doing so, she just might find that the possibility for a better world awaits…if she succeeds.