PURGATORY CREEK: A Trask Brothers Murder Mystery

A tangled Trask Brothers thriller you will want to read in one sitting.

He knew.  There was only a scrap of red material, but he knew.

Don Trask, Lead Agent for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, had no doubt what it was.  For five years he had locked away the haunting memories associated with his most difficult case, the unsolved disappearance of a small girl.  But now those memories had burst from their vault, and the nightmares that came with them were back.

And then there was another, a young boy, and Trask knew who had done it.  The same man who had taken the girl.  The same man who still lived in the area of the kidnappings.  The same man Trask had hounded and harassed five years before, never able to prove the man’s guilt.  Trask had nearly lost his job and his sanity in his fanatical pursuit then.  There would be no stopping him now.

He will see that justice is served on Purgatory Creek.

Readers of John Sanford, Michael Connelly, Jeffrey Deaver, Lee Child and like authors will enjoy this fast-paced thriller.