Nightfall on New Babylon: A Sanguinem Emere Novel (Gaslight Vamp Book 1)

A Gothic Political Thriller Serial in a Victorian Vampire Horror Setting

In a city built on sin, the immortal Lords of Night move all the pieces.

New Babylon is a city of sin, built on lies told over generations. The inhabitants may think they are the masters of their own destinies at the dawn of the Scientific Revolution, but as night falls on New Babylon, the true Lords of Night once again move their pieces across the playing field in a secret war for dominance – Devika Templeton is a girl who has it all, including a nightly visitor; Roald Black has lost it all, but the truth is even more painful than the loss will ever be; Dalla Arnesen must rebuild her scuttled career, a tenuous feat in a city set against her; and Victoria Campbell has a secret that she must share with her rich suitor if she has any hope of escaping the streets. 

Binding all four together with strings of obligation and pain is House D’Asur, the disgraced Lords of the Glass Manor – Those who would be Lords of Night again.