Aetheon and K’nuba

In an ancient and magical world of Terithian we are introduced to Prince Aetheon and his Telepathic Lyon K’nuba. First Born son of King Silas and Queen Lyla & Heir to the Kingdom of the Ali’a. From birth he trained to be a great warrior and lead his people into battle. Until one day his island nation was attacked by a tyrannical group of invaders calling themselves the Crimson Wyvern. With his family killed in the madness, Aetheon and K’nuba go on a quest around their world on a grand adventure stopping at nothing to bring justice & honor to the fallen. The odds are against the young prince and his companions for if they fail The world of Terithian will surely fall into utter darkness. Will Aetheon and K’nuba survive or will they perish as many have done before them???