The 7 Prerequisites to Success: Pathways to Paramount Performance

The 7 Prerequisites to Success is Shawn Edmontson’s value offering to the marketplace of Personal and Professional Development, and Success orientation. Founded on principles that are as old as the Universe itself, Shawn coaches and educates from a moral experiential base that is grounded in observation and actualization. Whether you are looking for more money, fulfillment in life, or to optimize your performance, Shawn is your accountability partner and your level up ambassador. Utilizing well known examples that everyone knows to demonstrate the evidence behind his assertions, Shawn Levels Up every reader with simple and down to earth proof that success is ready and available to all who are ready and available for it. The Pathways to Paramount Performance are the birthright of all who choose to take the high road to self-actualization and the realization of their inherent potential. The 7 Prerequisites to Success is the proverbial GPS system.