The Dreamweaver

The Dreamweaver tells the story of Destiny Dustman. She’s an all-American senior on her way to graduating high school. Destiny excels in academics and is also a skilled gymnast. With a loving family and a best friend, she lives a normal life in Atlanta, GA. However lately, whenever she falls asleep, her essence wakes up on another world, a planet called Kyan. There, she is gifted with powers and abilities that set her apart from the normal human (complete with a slight difference in personality). She becomes part of a team called the Revyns, a small, but diverse amalgamation of gifted and talented humans and non-humans.
War is coming to Kyan. A war that threatens to tear the planet apart. A war between a militant race from another planet called the Kronans, and Gi-jans, a race on Kyan with an extreme distaste for outworlders. The Revyns have come together for the sole purpose of stopping this war from happening (as foretold by the Arcane Scrolls). Destiny is the key to stopping this war. But for all her powers and abilities, she’s still just a teenager just trying to graduate high school, and how could she be expected to stop a planet from being destroyed?
Book One of the Dreamweaver series.