Invincible Investing: The Ultimate and Proven Investing Method of Principal Protection with Market Gains: VanderPal Method®

Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal, DBA, CFP®, has used his twenty-five years of experience in financial planning to create an investment strategy that offers huge rewards with little risk. In Invincible Investing, he will share that secret with you!

The VanderPal Method® can protect up to 100 percent of your principal. VanderPal has spent years perfecting the model to exceed any other current strategy. The method shows you how to

    • decide which investment vehicles to use;


    • calculate which percentage of interest, dividends, and principal you wish to allocate;


    • consider your investment options;


    • open a brokerage account;


    • find the right broker for you; and


  • achieve financial success!

VanderPal uses examples to help you grasp the simple foundation for his method and defines the basic terms you need to know to become business savvy. He covers a wide variety of investment choices and gives you the pros and cons of every option. VanderPal, who has lectured on investing to university students on four different continents, knows how to help you absorb the material and see the practical applications for his theories.

Whether you are a financial beginner or just someone looking to diversify your portfolio, the VanderPal Method® has something to teach you!